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COVID-19 and international health corridors

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Travel diary of Mr Stephen Bwansa

Traveling now is very complicated, to say the least.
Thank God, we continue in serenity, peace and the strict scientific obligations, as demanded by professionals in the field as well as the WHO, respecting, under the conditions which are ours, all the sanitary restrictions imposed by each country, from the People’s Republic of China, Ethiopia, DRC, and Turkey.

Complying with health restrictions and quarantine was a tough test, but was the right formula to ensure healthy health for all and stop the spread of SARS COVID-19 and its variants.
It is an international struggle that we must all wage in diversity and unity. Together we will defeat COVID-19!

Travel in this post COVID-19 period is a difficult experience, one that should only be known if and only if the mission is of an urgent economic nature, or, in this case, development between the parties.

« Good health first ».

Stephen B.

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COVID-19 et les corridors sanitaires internationaux

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