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Development diplomacy: Christophe Lutundula to the rescue of Congolese musicians?

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The divisions between Congolese, imported into Europe, cause the cancellation of concerts of Congolese musicians in Europe. The latest to have paid the price of the opposition of a fringe of Congolese diaspora called «fighters» is Ngiama Makanda aka Werra Son, whose concert scheduled for September 25 at the Zenith in Paris, has been cancelled.

What does the Government of the DRC plan to do to end the perdition of the Congolese diaspora? Christophe Lutundula Apala, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, believes that it is necessary to organize the Congolese diaspora and create a framework of permanent dialogue with it.

There are no longer any Congolese musicians who have been prevented from performing in Europe, on the grounds that they are close to the regime in place in the country.

Several cancellations and/or outbursts have been recorded for more than ten years because of violence orchestrated by supporters and opponents of former President Joseph Kabila and now his successor Félix Tshisekedi.

Speaking visibly to these opponents after the cancellation of his aforementioned concert, Werra Son wrote on his Facebook page that «those who kill Congolese culture will never build a prosperous Congo because hatred can only come from venom».

Lutundula’s three strategic axes for harmony between the DRC and its diaspora

For a good symbiosis between the DRC and its diaspora, the head of Congolese diplomacy advocates a framework for a permanent dialogue. « I think the first thing to do is to organize the diaspora. We need to find a framework for working with the diaspora,” said Christophe Lutundula during his interview last week with Top Congo FM.

For the boss of Congolese diplomacy, the second thing is to set up permanent communication mechanisms between the Central, that is to say the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diaspora.

The third thing is to define with the diaspora, obviously, according to geographical areas, common interests, priorities, so that we have the same understanding,” added the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs.

He revealed that he gave instructions to the administration of his department to find answers quickly. However, Christophe Lutundula remains convinced that the issue of the diaspora will be one of the most important issues at the diplomatic conference scheduled for next October.

« We will see how to do with the diaspora and structure things and also have the ethics of the diaspora. What to expect from the diaspora? We need a trust contract, what we can do, what we can’t do. And how to save the country’s image and its personal image,” added the head of Congolese diplomacy.

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