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In a PhD thesis at UNIKIN: General Kanyama explores the struggle against the Kuluna phenomenon in Kinshasa

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The famous General Célestin Kanyama Cishiku is preparing to add a new rank on his already strong CV. This time, the Director General of the Training Schools of the Congolese National Police does not expect a presidential ordinance but rather a decision by a jury composed of civilians.

He is scheduled for the public defence of his doctoral thesis in law, Saturday, September 18, 2021, at the University of Kinshasa.
The former Provincial Police Commissioner of the city of Kinshasa province has dedicated his doctoral thesis in the fight against the Kuluna phenomenon in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He left his post as Provincial Commissioner of the Congolese National Police of the city of Kinshasa for four years. But when the question of security in the capital is raised, many Kinois remember him well.

For good reason, General Célestin Kanyama Cishiku had the merit of significantly reducing the urban crime commonly called Kuluna phenomenon.

We remember in particular the operation «LIKOFI» (punch in Lingala), conducted in Kinshasa between November 2013 and February 2014, which made it possible to reduce the actions of gangs of armed offenders.

One of the key players in the fight against crime in the DRC in general and in Kinshasa in particular, General Célestin Kanyama gave a scientific reading of this fight in his doctoral thesis. The topic chosen is one of the most challenging: «Contribution to the construction of a criminal policy in the face of the Kuluna phenomenon in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 2009 to 2015».

According to an official statement of the Rectorate of UNIKIN, the Head of Works Célestin Kanyama will be in front of a jury composed of seven Professors, divided into effective members and alternate members, Saturday, September 18, 2021, in the Luc Gillon room.

The so-called «spirit of death» will face the famous Professors Nyabirungu Mwene Songa (Secretary General of the Jury), Ntumba Bwatshia (effective member) and their colleagues Ngoto Ngoi Ngalingi and Seghobe Bigira (alternates).
This highly armoured jury will be chaired by Professor Kenge Ngomba Tshilombayi and will also include Professor Labana Lasay’abar.

Will the charismatic and very formidable General Célestin Kanyama address the issue of «at least 41 people killed or disappeared as a result of police action» under his leadership during Operation LIKOFI, according to a report by the United Nations?

In any case, the defense of his doctoral thesis is highly anticipated by all those interested in the issue of security in the Congolese capital. Only, the access in the room will be very restricted, Coronavirus pandemic requires.

Jean Pérou Kabouira

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